Withlacoochee River Landings on Swim Guide 2020-05-14

Update 2023-05-15: Here’s a live Swim Guide Map.

Update 2023-05-04: Added Franklinville Landing on the Withlacoochee River to Swim Guide.

Update 2021-05-21: Three Little River Landings in Swim Guide 2020-05-21.

Update 2020-12-21: Added Langdale Park Boat Ramp to Swim Guide and GA 133 Withlacoochee River Bridge, which is not actually public access; it’s just in Swim Guide to display water quality results.

All green this week on Swim Guide, eight landings and boat ramps on the Withlacoochee River in Georgia and Florida. There’s an app, or you can use the web interface.


This current good water quality is according to the results we posted yesterday.

If you’re nearby, these “beaches” (as Swim Guide calls every place somebody might swim) will probably pop up on the app.


On the web interface, you can find them by panning on the map, or by searching for Withlacoochee: use the magnifying glass up top next to Beach Finder.

[First 4]
First 4

On the app, they’re listed upstream to downstream.

On the web interface, they’re listed in apparently random order. Above are the first four.

Here are the other four.

[Last 4]
Last 4

In order from upstream to downstream, they are: US 84 Landing, Knights Ferry Boat Ramp, Nankin Boat Ramp, State Line Boat Ramp (GA 31), Sullivan Launch (CR 150), Florida Campsites Ramp (NW 47th St.), Madison Blue Spring State Park Launch (FL 6), and Madison Boat Ramp (River Park Road). We will keep adding more.

Here is the top of the Swim Guide listing for State Line Boat Ramp:

[State Line Boat Ramp]
State Line Boat Ramp

In addition to the water quality status, there’s a composite picture, and a description of what you will find there.

But wait, there’s more:

[All about State Line Boat Ramp]
All about State Line Boat Ramp

The app shows the additional information if you click on each of a row of icons. The web interface shows more if you scroll.

There’s a link to corresponding page in the WWALS Access Points for the Withlacoochee and Little River Water Trail (WLRWT). Well, there’s the text of the URL, which you will have to copy and paste into your web browser’s search bar. (I don’t know why it’s not a live link, and I don’t know why the barely legible grey text.)

The actual sampling frequency is much more complicated than weekly, with Valdosta testing three times weekly on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Madison Health testing usually on Tuesday, and WWALS usually testing on the weekend, but Swim Guide doesn’t have an option for that.

Similarly, there’s a (copy and paste) link to the main WWALS Water Quality Monitoring web page, which in turn links to the WWALS composite water quality table of results from both Georgia and Florida, and all the previous reports.

So you can see water quality status at a glance, with much more detail if you drill down.

Thanks to Or Denemark and Gabrielle Parent-Doliner of Swim Guide’s parent organization, Swim Drink Fish, for all their assistance.

Oh, and you can help WWALS test water quality and analyze results from all the various sources by donating to the WWALS water quality testing program.

 -jsq, John S. Quarterman, Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®

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