If you see an issue affecting water in the Suwannee River Basin, please use this form to report it to Suwannee Riverkeeper:

[Report Issues]
Trash later cleaned up due to a report.

Or call Suwannee Riverkeeper at 850-290-2350, or send email to

Problems could be any of Sewage spill, Livestock manure runoff, Animal carcass, Fish kill, Chemical spill, Pesticide drift, No silt fence at construction site, Runoff through silt fence, Trash, Wetland filled in, or Other.

Our work is focused on the Suwannee River Basin. If your report concerns an issue or violation outside of Suwannee Riverkeeper’s focus, please contact the Waterkeeper Alliance at 914.674.0622 or

If you are reporting a petroleum or chemical spill or abandoned container, or a fish kill or disease, please also call:

Local agencies

We are adding to this list.