No Toll Roads to Ruin

Update 2022-01-13: No Build: FDOT toll road heading north towards the Suwannee Basin 2022-01-13.

[Routes with No Build sign]
Routes with No Build sign

Update 2020-04-25: Video: Sign up to recommend No Build; M-CORES toll road webinars.

The Florida legislature in 2019 passed a bill for three new unneeded toll roads. while failing to pass a single environmental protection bill. At least ninety organizations say No Roads to Ruin. Many of them spoke at the Florida Capitol in December.

The northernmost of these toll road boondoggles, Suncoast Connector, would run from Crystal River across the Suwannee River, through Monticello, to Thomasville, Georgia; nevermind nobody asked Thomasville or Georgia before this bad bill was passed or signed. The middle one, Northern Turnpike Connector, also includes Levy County in its study area, right up to the Suwannee River at Fanning Springs, and both include Citrus County, where some of our most active members live.

Suwannee Riverkeeper wrote in the Gainesville Sun, May 22, 2019,”>Solar power would bring more jobs than toll roads.

We think the toll roads funds should be repurposed for pandemic relief.

WWALS is posting many videos from a February 2020 meeting in Madison County, Florida, where almost all the speakers were against the toll roads.

See also WWALS videos from a May 2019 meeting of the North Central Florida Regional Planning Council.

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